Inner Healing Intelligence

A seed knows how to become a tree. A tree knows to grow towards the sun.  There is no instruction necessary. The skin knows how to close itself after a cut or scrape and a broken bone knows how to knit itself back together. There is an ever present natural instinct to regain homeostasis. The human psyche has the same instinct. We all intuitively know what we need to do to heal our psyche. The concept is called Inner Healing Intelligence.  

If we all know how to heal ourselves, then why aren’t we doing it?

It’s simple.  We haven’t created an environment that allows intuitive homeostasis to take shape.   The broken bone isn’t going to knit itself together without a cast to protect it. A scrape won’t heal if you pick at the scab all the time.  A seed won’t grow without water, soil and sunlight.  The mind is the same.  It needs an environment that makes healing possible.


The Healing Environment

Creating the right environment for the psyche to heal itself takes practice. All of the distracting mental chatter must be cleared away. Mental chatter is the thoughts that create strife in the form of  overthinking, self-criticism, doubt, shame and judgment.  A healing environment is free of this chatter, even if it is a very temporary quietness. That’s what a healing environment can’t have.  Here’s what it has to have: 

  • Curiosity is a sense of inquisitiveness and openness. It is the essential first step to meaningful change. We need to be able to turn inwards towards our own mind and inquire within to see what we are actually doing before we can make changes to get to where we want to be. If we aren’t Curious, we are usually judgmental, afraid and closed off. We stay negative and stuck.

  • Clarity comes from Curiosity. If I am open to turning inward and exploring my patterns, then I begin to understand why I do the things I do. Clarity is about developing an observer self, that part of us that hovers above and can see the big picture. The part of us that offers a perspective that sees through our fear and judgment. It is a sense of being able to see situations without the distortion of fearful beliefs and intense emotions. Decision making becomes easier. Setting boundaries becomes easier. It helps with confidence.

  • Compassion naturally arises after Curiosity and Clarity are sorted. This can be a difficult one for most of us. We are used to reacting to life by trying to control everything. We have no grace towards ourselves (and others) about how hard it is to simply live life. Compassion is one of the most important qualities of Self-Energy. So much work in therapy is about un-blending from the critical inner voice. If we have used Curiosity to explore the inner critic and then find Clarity on why it gives you such a hard time, then we naturally arrive at some feeling of Compassion. A softness or tenderness emerges rather than defensiveness. It often leads to a desire to help others and decreases our sense of separation and disconnectedness.


Once these three elements are nurtured, we can begin to welcome the following into our lives.

Calm – a sense of being able to ride the waves of life without overwhelm. Less white-knuckling it and more of an unflappable type approach to what life brings. Helps with creating Clarity.

Clarity – a sense of being able to see situations without the distortion of fearful beliefs and intense emotions. Decision making becomes easier. Setting boundaries becomes easier. Helps with confidence.

  • Curiosity – a sense of inquisitiveness and openness. We might ask questions instead of jumping to conclusions. We are less defensive with others.

  • Compassion – a sense of understanding and empathy towards others, most likely because we can relate to the same difficult feelings. A tenderness emerges in the place of what was crusty defensiveness. It leads to a desire to help others and decreases our sense of disconnectedness.

  • Confidence – a sense of steadiness and centeredness inside. We believe we can handle challenges. Inner trust increases and fearful reactivity decreases.

  • Courage – a sense of capability and inner strength. We often associate it with taking action. It is a belief, like Confidence, that we can face what comes our way. We might speak up for ourselves more, set and hold boundaries, and stand up for injustices. We might pursue projects or experiences we were previously afraid to do.

  • Creativity – a sense of inspiration and connection to our intuition. Less rational mind and more out-of-the-box thinking. It can be expressed in arts, movement, writing. We often feel lighter and allow ourselves to be immersed in the pleasure of the moment.

  • Connectedness – a sense of being seen and accepted. We find ourselves spending time with people that are healthy for us as well as more time in nature. From this comes feelings of peacefulness and safety. We sense more belonging and less isolation.


If we can foster curiosity, clarity and compassion within ourselves, a healing environment will spontaneously form.  It is almost magical.  If you need help creating your own healing environment, the Apricity therapists have immediate availability.  Contact us to set up a 15 minute discovery intro call.

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