Brittany Foose

Brittany Foose

Brittany Foose is a Master's Candidate LPC

Brittany, a Master’s Candidate Therapist, believes healing is a journey, and it starts with being seen and heard. When someone takes the time to truly listen to your story, acknowledge your pain, and validate your experiences, it’s like a seed that starts to sprout. ¬†Healing will begin to blossom within you. That’s why Brittany’s approach is like a tailor-made suit for your emotional well-being. She draws from evidence-based therapies like Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to create a plan that’s uniquely yours. After all, therapy that works is therapy that works for you, and Brittany is dedicated to finding that perfect fit.

Brittany’s passion for understanding different cultures goes beyond textbooks. For 10 years, she taught English to people from all over the world, immigrants, refugees, and students starting new lives. She’s seen firsthand the joys and challenges of cultural transitions, the excitement and the homesickness, the hope and the confusion.


She’s also walked the walk on the other side, working in humanitarian contexts in Turkey and Greece. She understands the unique pressures of working abroad, the constant stress, the emotionally charged situations, and the feeling that self-care is a luxury you can’t afford. But she knows it’s not.

Brittany is here to listen, to guide, and to empower you on your healing journey. She’s not just a therapist; she’s a partner in navigating the complexities of life, with a heart that understands and a mind equipped with the tools to help you thrive.

Brittany sees clients in-person at our Lancaster, PA office and online.