English Speaking Therapists in France

There Aren't Enough Therapists to Meet the Demand

Finding an English-speaking therapist in Paris, Lyon or any other metropolitan area in France is a daunting and maddening experience. Many expats rely on WhatsApp group texts to provide recommendations.

The psychiatric and psychological care systems are overwhelmed.  For many years, mental health was not a priority. As a result, there are not enough doctors or therapists to go around. There is a very long wait time (up to a year) for the first psychological consultation in the French medical system. Additionally, there is a heavy emphasis on psychiatry and medication, much less emphasis on talk therapy.

English speaking therapists in Paris

They Say They Speak English, But Do They?

Locating a well-trained therapist in France can be challenging due to the lack of regulations around talk therapy. It is important to note that anyone can identify themselves as a therapist. Additionally, finding an English-speaking therapist may not align with your expectations, as French therapists often practice psychodynamic therapy primarily based on Freudian principles. It’s crucial to communicate effectively, and while some therapists claim to speak English, they may not be proficient in the language.

Native English Speaker Expat Therapists

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