The Importance of English Speaking Therapists in Germany

Finding an English Speaking Therapist Can be Challenging

Finding an English speaking therapist as an expat living in Germany can be challenging even in major metropolitan areas such as Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart or Munich. It can be almost impossible if you want a specialized therapist as well.  Like many things in Germany, the bureaucracy can be convoluted and frustrating, particularly if you don’t speak the language.  This is the last thing you need when you are looking for a therapist.

English speaking therapist in Berlin

Living In Germany Can Be Tough

Apricity’s online therapists are also expats and understand how cultural aspects of Germany can exacerbate mental health struggles. Many expats complain about the following:

  • Weather – there’s a lot of rain, clouds and the temperature is usually low.
  • Lack of digital infrastructure – high-speed internet is not everywhere and cashless payments are not a given.
  • Language – Many Germans speak English, but life is infinitely more complicated if you do not speak German.
  • Housing – it can be very difficult to find adequate housing.
  • Socializing – it can be hard to make inroads with locals.  Social relationships are reduced to doing things together.  They are not the people you call when you are in need.  Eye contact is rare and small talk is almost non-existent.  There is an emphasis on being good at things.
  • Very authoritarian work-centric culture
  • Excessive bureaucracy

We Understand Expats & Therapy

Apricity Expat Therapy not only addresses your need for an English-speaking therapist, we also understand the expat experience and how culture can play a role in our mental health.  You get the best of both worlds; the convenience of online therapy and the knowledge of an expat therapist.