Native English Speaking Therapists in Greece Are Hard To Come By

There Are Many Hurdles to Finding An English Speaking Therapist in Athens and Beyond

Finding an experienced and credentialed English-speaking therapist in Greece can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There are a few reasons why.  The first entry-level hurdle is that anyone can call themselves a psychotherapist; it’s not a legally protected title. The onus is on you, the client, to figure out if they are properly trained and if they hold any certifications. Suppose they clear that hurdle, then we have the issue of language.  While most Greeks under the age of 60 speak some level of English, it can be difficult to find a therapist who speaks it on a native speaker level. And finally, does the therapist have availability?  English-speaking therapists in Greece are in high demand and are often fully booked for months in advance.

English Speaking Therapists in Athens

Perspectives on Psychotherapy in Greece Are Evolving

The field of psychotherapy in Greece is behind most other Western nations.  It’s been described as “how it was in the US in the early 2000s” meaning that it’s a recognized profession, but there’s still a stigma around actually going to therapy.  However, there’s a lot of evidence to show that the tide is turning.  Younger Greeks are not critical of seeking therapy.

Online Therapy Is A Good Option

That’s a lot of boundaries to working with a local English-speaking therapist in Greece!  When you want a therapist, the last thing you want is for it to be complicated.  We get that.  That’s why we’ve made it easy to work with one of our therapists.  

  • All of our therapists are native English speakers and expats.
  • We have immediate availability and flexible scheduling.
  • It’s easy.  Contact us and we’ll call you.

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing your mental and emotional wellness in a foreign country is essential. That’s why we do our best to remove any barriers between you and living the life you want. Our therapists are native English-speaking expats who are fully licensed and credentialed by government regulating bodies. Apricity Expat Therapy not only addresses your need for an English-speaking therapist, but we also understand the expat experience and how culture can play a role in our mental health.