Finding An English Speaking Therapist

Finding An English Speaking Therapist Is Not Easy In A Country That Stigmatizes Mental Health

It does not come as a surprise if you are having trouble finding a local English speaking therapist in Mumbai, New Delhi, Hyderabad or any other city in India.  India has a 4,000 mental health professionals across the country, a gross shortage. This is due, at least in part, to how mental health is viewed. At its worst, the majority of Indians equate mental health anomalies with insanity. At its best, mental health issues are viewed as weakness of character, lack of moral strength and unnecessary attention seeking. 

The World Health Organization named India one of the most depressed countries in the world.  Yet despite all of the social media campaigns, seeking mental health treatment is still not something most people do.  There is an all encompassing fear of being judged as weak or mentally unstable. 

Expats in India

A Land of Contrasts That Can Intensify Psychological Symptoms

India is consistently described as the land of contrasts.  Expats liken it to a train crash between the Train of Beauty and the Train of Chaos.  If you’re struggling to find your way in Indian culture, you’re not alone.  Living in India is challenging.  It ranks as one of the worst destinations for expats. 48% of expats struggle to get used to Indian culture.  Here are some of the top reasons why:

  • Cleanliness – In the major cities where a lot of expats live, there is trash everywhere and raw sewage in the open. Filthy is likely an accurate description. Pollution is a significant factor in expats’ dissatisfaction with India. It can be very easy to get sensory overload when out and about in urban areas.
  • Unwanted Attention – Indians can gawk at foreigners to such an extreme that it feels like an intense violation. The stares can be accompanied by giggles and it’s not uncommon to have a stranger request to have a selfie taken with you or your picture taken without your consent.
  • Wealth disparity – There is a very large gap between the rich and the poor.  
  • Caste System – While technically illegal, India practices a caste system, treating members of the lowest castes in deplorable ways.
  • Work-Life Balance – Expats who live in India work almost 4 hours a week more than the worldwide average.

Apricity Offers More Than Just English Speaking Therapists

Navigating life as an expatriate involves more than just adapting to a new language; it encompasses embracing a different way of life, understanding unfamiliar social norms, and forging connections in an environment that may feel both exciting and isolating. At Apricity Expat Therapy, we are attuned to these complexities.

Our team of dedicated therapists doesn’t just speak your language; they speak the language of the expat journey. They comprehend the intricate layers of emotions that arise when living far away from the familiar. Whether you’re dealing with homesickness, struggling with cultural adjustment, or simply seeking a space to share your experiences, our therapists are here to support you every step of the way.