English Speaking Therapists in Israel Are Booked!

Israel has fantastic counseling and therapy services

English-speaking therapists across Israel – not just Tel Aviv and Jerusalem – are almost always fully booked. The problem is not that Israel lacks therapists or does not prioritize mental health.  It’s quite the opposite. There are many therapists, both Hebrew and English-speaking.  And Israel has a long history with psychoanalytic and psychodynamic therapies.  The problem is that the need outpaces the supply.  Therefore, it makes sense for expats living in Israel to turn to online therapy. Apricity’s online therapists are all native English-speaking expats with years’ of experience. 

Expat Therapy Jerusalem

Israel has a lot of qualities that traditionally are viewed as mental health protective factors:

  • Lots and lots of sunshine and a warm (ok, hot) Mediterranean climate
  • High quality, affordable healthcare
  • Excellent food
  • Culture is pretty straight forward and informal

However, there are some factors that can magnify pre-existing or new mental health concerns, specifically anxiety and depression.

  • Security Concerns: It is unnerving to discuss bomb shelters in your home. Israel’s geopolitical situation can create a sense of unease and security concerns for some expats. The ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict is traumatic.
  • Language Barrier: Hebrew is the official language of Israel, and while many Israelis speak English, particularly in urban areas and tourist destinations, expats who do not speak Hebrew may face challenges in daily life, including interactions with locals, accessing certain services, or finding employment.
  • Cost of Living: Israel was recently ranked the 8th most expensive place in the world. It’s EXPENSIVE!
  • Bureaucracy: Dealing with bureaucratic processes in Israel can be time-consuming and frustrating. Expats may encounter challenges with paperwork, visa and residency processes, and other administrative procedures.
  • Religious and Political Tensions: Israel is a deeply religious and politically charged country. Expats who are not familiar with or do not align with the country’s religious or political landscape may encounter challenges in navigating these dynamics or may feel excluded from certain aspects of society.

Apricity's Therapists Use A Variety of Therapeutic Techniques

If you are ready to address your mental health, our therapists are uniquely positioned to be helpful. Everyone is a native English-speaking expat who is experienced and fully licensed.  Like therapists in Israel, we practice a wide variety of modalities; psychodynamic, CBT, ACT, mindfulness, IFS, EMDR, Imago, psychoanalytic and others.  You deserve to have a therapeutic relationship that is perfect for you!