English Speaking Therapists in Korea Are Expensive

English Speaking Therapists In Korea Are Expensive

Finding an English-speaking therapist in Korea’s capital, Seoul, may not be particularly difficult; Seoul is home to the overwhelming majority of them.  The challenge is in the cost.  The price is relatively expensive and not covered by the National Health Insurance. There are, however, complaints that it is easier to find someone to prescribe medication than it is to do talk therapy.

Views on Mental Health Are Changing with the Generations

Koreans’ attitudes toward therapy would be analogous to how therapy and mental health were viewed in the United States in the 1950s through maybe about the 1970s.

Seoul, Korea street

There is the general belief that if you just “put your mind to it” then everything will be ok.  People who can’t do that are weak or unable to control themselves. Older Koreans treat therapy as something shameful and an indicator that something is seriously wrong similar to how seeing a “shrink” was looked down upon in 1970’s US. It’s best to pretend the problem doesn’t exist or you send the afflicted person “away.”

In previous decades in the US, you solve your problems by immersing yourself in your work or alcohol. This was especially true for men. You don’t talk about your problems. Korea is slightly more advanced in that there is the alternative of seeing a spiritual advisor who can advise you, but not a therapist.  However, attitudes toward therapy and mental health in general are changing VERY quickly. Acceptance of mental health care as the norm seems to be progressing exponentially.

If You’re Going To Do Online Therapy, Make It With A Therapist Who Specializes in Treating Expats

Many expats choose to do online therapy.  It’s readily available, cost effective and culturally and linguistically congruent. All of our therapists are experienced, licensed and native English speakers who also happen to be expats.  We understand your unique context because we, too, have lived the expat adventure. Each of our therapists uses a variety of therapeutic techniques tailored to the individual needs of each client.  We will work with you to identify your therapeutic ambitions and then help you accomplish them.