English Speaking Therapists with Immediate Availability

It's Not Hard to Find An English Speaking Therapist In Mexico, But Do They Have Availability?

For the most part, going to therapy in Mexico is similar to other Western nations. Like therapists in the US, CBT is heavily used.  There are numerous English speaking therapists and group practices based in Mexico City and Tijiuana, but finding someone with availability can be challenging. 

It’s improving, but the mentality that “therapy is for crazy people” is still present in Mexico. Like many nations, the younger generations are way more accepting and the older generations still see it as something those people do. There is also the “machismo” culture that needs to be contended with. Within the machismo culture it’s believed that depressive symptoms only affect weak minded people and you just have to think positively to overcome them. There is a sense of “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and therefore using mental health services like therapy is a crutch or an avoidance of everyday life.

While the quality of mental healthcare in Mexico is comparable to other Western nations, there are many reasons to work with an online therapist who’s specialty is the expat community.

Online Therapy in Mexico

5 Reasons to Choose Online Therapy For Expats

  • Continuity of care – if your role as an expat requires you to move frequently, your therapist can remain consistent if you work with an online therapist.
  • Expat Specific – Our therapists are also expats who implicitly understand the challenges of living outside one’s native culture.
  • Cultural Familiarity – While you love being immersed in different cultures, there is a comfort and ease present when speaking to someone about personal issues when there is cultural congruence.
  • Anonymity and Privacy – As an expat, no matter how large the community, it can feel like a fish bowl at times.  When you work with one of our online therapists, you can be confident that you won’t see them out and about socially and you won’t run into anyone you know in a waiting room.
  • Immediate availability – There are no wait times.  Our therapists have immediate availability and flexible scheduling options.

We're Your English Speaking Therapist in Mexico and Beyond

As you live the expat adventure, remember that Apricity Expat Therapy is more than a safe haven—it’s a place where your expat story is not only heard, but truly valued. We know that real healing comes from sharing your journey in all its different seasons of life, and we’re here to support you on this unique adventure.