English Speaking Therapists in Poland

It's A Challenge to Find An English Speaking Therapist in Poland

It is difficult to find a licensed English speaking therapist in Warsaw, Krakow, or any other part of Poland. The absence of a central accrediting body for psychotherapists can make the search challenging. Beware, individuals without proper credentials can pose as therapists. When you add the quest for an English-speaking therapist to the equation, the task becomes even more daunting.

Only within the past two decades has private practice therapy become a thing. Interestingly, 80% of Poland’s therapists are women who mostly practice psychodynamic and psychoanalytic interventions. Finding someone who practices a form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) in addition to speaking fluent English might be impossible.

Mental health remains a sensitive topic in Poland. There is still considerable stigma, inhibiting open discussions. Unfortunately, the underfunded public health system grapples with understaffing issues, leading to extensive waiting periods for assistance.

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Factors Unique To Poland That Can Worsen Mental Health Concerns

  • Weather – Winters are cold and dark with grey, rainy skies
  • Intolerance – There are frequent complaints of racial and sexual orientation prejudices and inconsiderations. Expats often feel Poland is very insular and there’s a general sensitivity and intolerance for any type of criticism.
  • Atmosphere of unhappiness – It is not a culture of positivity. It is rare to see people smiling.  It’s been framed as a “social hangover” from communism when it wasn’t safe to trust anyone until given a reason to do so, the government was untrustworthy and scarcity in all of its forms was widespread. 
  • Poor air quality – Parts of Poland have very poor air quality.  This leads to all kinds of physical ailments which, in turn, impacts your mental health.
  • Bureaucracy – Doing any type of official business is incredibly challenging.
  • Lack of digital infrastructure

Choose a Therapist Who Not Only Speaks English, But Is Also An Expat

Working with one of Apricity Expat Therapy’s online therapists will feel like apricity; like standing in a ray of warm sunshine on a cold winter’s day. Our therapists are native English speaking expats who are experienced and fully licensed.  Like therapists in Poland, we can and do practice psychoanalytic and psychodynamic modalities. However, we also use a variety of other techniques such as CBT, ACT, mindfulness, IFS, EMDR, Imago, and others.  You deserve to have a therapeutic relationship that is perfect for you!