Finding An English Speaking Therapist in Turkey Can Feel Impossible

There is a Woeful Need for Mental Health Professionals in Turkey

Are you trying to find an English-speaking therapist while living in Ankara or Istanbul?  You probably can’t. There are several reasons for this.  First, mental health resources in Turkey are unequivocally lacking.  According to the Psychiatric Association of Turkey, there are only 266 psychologists in a country with a population of 70 million and no data on how many of those therapists are English-speaking.

Why Psychological Services Are Inadequate in Turkey

Expat Therapy in Turkey

Most Turks do not go to therapy and of those that do, they do not stick with it long enough to get what they want out of it.  The concept of psychotherapy is vague and not well understood. It’s often confused with other disciplines such as social work, and even psychiatry. On reason for this confusion is the low level of education and income.  When income is low, food and accommodation takes priority and psychological wellbeing becomes a distant afterthought. Also, the Turk population is 99% Muslim and treatment typically involves religious elements such as asking religious ‘healers’ for help, using folkloric medicine, visiting holy places and praying, giving adak (to make vows) and carrying amulets.

How Does An Expat Get Therapy

If you are an expat living in Ankara or Istanbul, your greatest chance of finding a local English-speaking therapist is through a local private hospital. However, most expats in Turkey turn to online therapy. Apricity’s therapists are not only online, but also expats themselves.  Each of us has extensive experience as both a therapist and expat, so we understand your nomadic lifestyle completely.