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English Speaking Therapists in UAE Are Prohibitively Expensive

English Speaking Therapists in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are expensive

The chief complaint about finding a therapist in Dubai – English-speaking or not – is the cost.  The average cost is around $200/session making it the second most expensive in the world for therapy. In spite of the cost, there are very long waitlists because of a shortage of mental health professionals in UAE.  Because of these two factors (and perhaps others) many expats choose online therapy.

Why expats choose to live in Dubai

Therapists in Dubai

Tax free living and ample business opportunities lure expats from all over the world to Dubai.  So much so that expats comprise 90% of the city’s population. Dubai is always evolving and thriving.  It has glitz, glamor and wealth.  But it is also a city perched on the edge of a developing country. There are deeply held cultural beliefs and systems intertwined in people’s lives.  Like any large city, there is also a dark side. 

Things Expats in Dubai Complain About

  • It’s hot – like hell hot. 
  • Lack of greenery – see above about the heat.
  • Driving is an adventure – Emiratis speed like they’re on the autobahn, the roads are poorly designed, giving and receiving directions is a rigamarole, and taxis are described as “dangerous.”
  • Modern day slaveryManual laborers from poorer countries are lured to Dubai with promises of high salaries and 40 hour work weeks. Instead, they are routinely exploited, have their passports held by their employers, and have no meaningful way to advocate for themselves. 
  • Everything looks and feels fake or staged. 
  • Pollution – The air quality is poor, the water at the beaches is/has been contaminated with sewage, and Dubai has the biggest carbon footprint per person in the world.

Online Therapy Specializing in the Expat Experience

Give yourself a break from the challenges of navigating the UAE culture.  Allow yourself to retreat into a safe space where you can care for your mental health in a way that feels authentic to you. Working with an Apricity expat therapist gives you the best of both worlds; you get to have a hiatus from the local culture while enjoying the convenience of online therapy with a therapist who implicitly understands the expat experience. Each of our therapists has years of experience, is licensed, and has your best interests at heart. We will work with you to identify your therapeutic ambitions and then help you accomplish them. Additionally, our therapists offer continuity of care independent of where you are living and flexible scheduling options. We have immediate availability and would love to work alongside you in your journey to mental and emotional well-being.